‘Conrad Roset, the App’ – an interactive artist book for iPad and iPhone

Date posted: June 27, 2012

Could you lend us a hand? We’re trying to raise money to fund a personal project: ‘Conrad Roset, the App’  - it’s an interactive artist book for iPad and iPhone. We can speak about an expanded artist book. Our aim is to create a book for Conrad Roset followers, as it has an interactive ‘game’ where the user can create his/her own versions of Conrad Roset drawings. The book will also contain a retrospective (portfolio) part with a big zoom where you will be able to see all Conrad Roset drawings details and it will also contain  report (video) ‘One day with Conrad Roset’ where we will know how is the daily life of an illustrator from Barcelona.

This project is thought to give support to a living artist. For us is really important to work with emerging artists giving them the possibility to make big and great things! 

Help us bring this project to life: donate and receive amazing rewards from Conrad Roset!

Conrad Roset using his App to paint a muse:




Carpaccio Magazine curators are María Cerezo and Emma Llensa.

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