Submissions Guidelines

1) Choose the images you want to submit

Before submitting your work, check the next Call for submissions page. Then make a selection and send us your work. Please don’t send us in a zip! You should send the submission to one of the next e-mails.

2) Info about you

Include this (optional) info about you: – name – birth year – location – website

3) Reply to this question:

You have to send with your e-mail this question and your reply to it: Do you agree with your work being published in the online on Carpaccio Magazine?

4) E-mail subject

The e-mail subject should contain the issue for which you’re submitting your work to.

Notice that if you don’t follow this submissions guidelines, your e-mail could be lost between all the other e-mails we receive.

5) If your work is selected..

If your work is selected, Carpaccio Magazine will e-mail you to ask for more details of your submitted work.

6) If your work is not selected

If your work is not selected, well try to reply to your e-mail, but we can’t promise this to everyone as we receive tones of submissions.

7 ) You keep all your rights (obviously!)

All work published on Carpaccio Magazine is copyrighted and protected material and may not be reproduced, adapted or altered without the consent of the original writers.