Arnaud Teicher, french photographer (Issue #15)

Date posted: July 1, 2010

Arnaud Teicher is a french independent photographer. Lives and works in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes. France.

He uses a Mamiya 645, Ricoh 500G camera with Fuji film and a polaroid sx-70.

His contribution to Issue #15: “The Morning of Our Lives”

He says about this series:

The entitled work “nude” unifies a series of questions on the relationships between human and nature.
When forests are pressured and cornered by a massive industrial development, a new balance between man and his environment must be found.
The goal of this work was to acknowledge two persons of nature’s richness, physical or psychological richness.
Images translate their reactions while being naked into forests.
The work has been realized with a 6×4,5 roll-film analogical camera, for its high standards of quality in terms of details capture and light respect.

You can also find him at his web and his Flickr.


Carpaccio Magazine curators are María Cerezo and Emma Llensa.

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