Carpaccio Magazine is an online publication created to promote the work of ‘uncooked’ artists: emerging but very tasty artists. Published work includes illustration, photography & other arts.

Every 2 issues we publish a printed publication called “Carpaccio Guide to emerging illustrators, photographers & artists”. ‘Carpaccio Guide’ is created as a guide to new, emerging and contemporary illustrators, photographers & artists with the aim of helping emerging artists to promote their works in the form of printed publications.

Carpaccio Magazine was born in March 2009.


Carpaccio Magazine is published every 14th of every 2 months.


Past issues
Here you can take a look at all Carpaccio Magazine issues.


How to collaborate with Carpaccio Magazine
Carpaccio Magazine is an open publication. This means that anyone can collaborate. So if the works submitted fit, they will be published. You can take a look at the current Call for submissions.


Who we are
Carpaccio Magazine curators are Maria Cerezo and Emma Llensa, co-founders of Atem Books publishing house.
Lara Costafreda is a permanent collaborator who interviews artists and translates the interviews // she’s also a guest blogger.


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Background images: Emma Llensa



Carpaccio Magazine | emerging artists from around the world

  • We are Ubicuo Studio

    Ubicuo Studio, developers of cultural apps
    • Paquet brutal que arriba de Korea de la fira on vam participar a finals de 2012!Postals, póster i bossa!
    • Present of Kai.Chan (Hong Kong) collaborator of Carpaccio #Magazine 1st issue. 
#art #newspaper #hongkong #illustrator #diary
    • Proud of the books and magazines we own! :)
    • Reading old #Graphic issues / when design becomes an attitude
    • Looking back / looking forward!
    • Today we have received OE magazinr (fashion and arts magazine from Berlin) and a beautiful letter :)
    • Les rencontres d'Arles! Bon eté! :)
    • Después de la presentación en @kowasabooks con @moritzbarcelona
    • Rotundo éxito en la presentación del libro "Looking back, looking forward" en @kowasabooks
    • Piotr Drewko explaining the book.concept
    • Piotr Drewko on the lauching in Kowasa!
    • The book in @kowasabooks
    • Quedan tres días para la presentación del libro de fotografía en Kowasa-Barcelona! 17.30h C/Mallorca 235! * gracias a @moritzbarcelona
    • Guapíssima la poeta Anna Gual amb el seu llibre 'Passa'm-hi els dits'
    • Del llibre looking back... que presentem el dissabte a les 17:30h a Kowasa
    • Invitaciones para la presentación del sábado 19 de enero - 17.30h - Librería Kowasa Barcelona! ¿te enviamos la tuya? *con la colaboración de @moritzbarcelona
    • New Photo Book will be presented at Kowasa (Barcelona) next week! stay tuned! *colabora @moritzbarcelona
    • Foam latest issue at Atem Books!
    • Foto del llibre 'Looking back...' que presentem el 19/01 a Kowasa amb suport de @moritzbarcelona
    • today we have sent more than 25 books!!!
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